Inspired from the whimsical idea of escaping the daunting Earth to the astonishing journey to Mars. Fugitives can choose to travel by sea (Boat), by foot (Muddy) or by land (Road).  Runaways can pick their survival kit as they please, be it the water bottle to stay hydrated or the hat* to protect themselves from the ray of the sun. 

This collection brings out a more relaxed look of the big sister ‘Pinto’ from the brand Nasha Made-in-Mars in many new sizes and an overnight size that has never been done before. Small but mighty, the little sister boasts the same material using the fine lambskin as the big sister, giving the bag a sense of luxury. The straps were made with a woven nylon technique with the collection’s logo making this collection summer-ready for all kinds of adventurous Martians.